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Looking for a creative way to celebrate your child's next birthday? Our birthday parties are filled with laughter, high energy antics and make and take home projects for  every guest. Parties can be delivered right to your door or on site. Our highly trained staff sets up and cleans up. All fun. No mess!


Birthday Parties ...

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Escape the Space Wizard's Tower - Our party brings an "Escape the Room" Scenario to your home in this puzzle solving, entertaining adventure where guests learn about the tropes of science fiction fantasy while collaborating and cooperating in a dynamic, fun atmosphere. Each guest will construct their own treasure as a memento of their foray through the Wizard's lair.


Backyard Art - Guests and parents will love creating visual and culinary arts in unexpected and wacky ways as your Finer Artists teaches participants about found and everyday artistic expressions. Guests create and take home their own compositions to commemorate the occasion.

Teddy Bear Picnic - Especially designed for Pre-K celebrations, this program is one part performance, one part art studio and all fun and games. Your guests have been invited to an exclusive teddy bear picnic: games, make believe, dancing, stories. Your child's celebration ends with guests painting their very own bear to commemorate the occasion!

Looking for more birthday options? Our Special Events can also be adapted into birthday parties.

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