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Finer Arts provides high-energy, entertaining assembly programs focusing on one or several traditional fine arts or Humanities based concepts. Each program runs between 45-60 minutes and accommodates up to 300 audience members in any appropriate venue.

Assembly  Programs ...

Invite Finer Arts to Your School, Library, Daycare or Church for a high-octane all ages performance!


Uncharted Waters: Batten down the hatches for a treasure trove of learning and laughs! Our assembly program shares stories, chanties and undersea secrets using drama, interactive games and other scurvy silliness. Set sail on a voyage of imagination for the whole crew!

I’ve Made a Monster: In one hour or less, the Finer Artist before you will turn into a monster! Perfect for spooky occasions, this assembly program uses costume drama, demonstrations and audience participants to share stories of creatures from around the world through interactive entertainment. With each monstrous change – bigfoot's feet, minotaur’s horns, vampire’s teeth – the Finer Artist shares tales ideal for all audiences.  

All Tails Told: Wag your way into a menagerie of learning and laughs! Our program shares fables, myths, legends and more with interactive storytelling, games and hijinks. Finer Arts unleashes a message of mental wellness with fun fur the whole family!

Winter Tailspin: Journey on the King's Road to the court of the Fairy Queen Mab, rescue Santa's bells from Krampus's dungeon and explore Father Christmas from all over the world before Christmas Eve. Participants will experience a maelstrom of puppetry, improvisation and cooperative play as they see new worlds through the eyes of the winter holidays 

Rainbow Show: It's fun for all ages times two when Finer Arts presents the Story of Noah's Ark for your Daycare, Mother's Day Out or Special Program! This interactive, high-energy assembly delivers lessons on cooperation, commitment and creative play from the perspective of animals around the world!

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