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Finer Arts transforms your learning space into a cooperative learning community each session. Our signature six-week programs feature dynamic activities designed to arrest student engagement and foster a deeper appreciation for visual expression, performance, discussion, creative play and storytelling.

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Pre-K Programs ...

Language Arts, Interactive Design and Performance | Ages 2-5 | 6 Sessions | 60-75 Minutes


Tomorrow's Artists Today: Specially Designed for Pre-K students and younger, this program introduces participants to the foundational performing and visual arts through sensory exploration and imaginative play. Each session allows itty bitty artists to learn and share big ideas about the world around them through artistic projects, performances and crafts!

Everything Has a Story to Tell: Everything has a story to tell - everything! This program shares stories from around the world with Junior Finer Artists to enhance empathic awareness, develop gross and fine motors sills and introduce students to the joy and importance of narrative as a means of personal expression. Students listen, respond and create stories through games, drama and visual art activities. Each session provides students with their own take home activity to continue learning outside the studio.

School Age Programs ...


Language Arts, Interactive Design, Humanities and Performance | Grade School | 6 Sessions | 60-75 Minutes

On With the Show: We’re Broadway bound, Finer Artists! Finer Arts gets you in the drama groove by introducing students to the most fun fundamentals of theater and performance. Each session helps students express feeling ideas and even experiences with structured dramatic play or theater crafts. Students even create and share their discoveries through performance mediums.

For Arts Sake: Grab your palettes and wash your smocks, Finer Artists! Finer Arts tours the foundational principles of visual art – line, shape, color, texture, space, emphasis – with lessons designed to captivate lifelong learning. Topics cover a range of historical, practical and creative ideas; each session provides students with the chance to create their own take-home project!

From Beyond! Exploring Science Fiction Fantasy: Sharpen your laser cutlasses, wind-up those aero-ships and crank your cosmic warp rider to maximum velocity, Finer Artists! From Beyond teaches students about the foundational tropes of Science Fiction with activities in Drama, Visual Arts, Language Arts and Social Studies. Each session concludes with students creating their own take-home materials so they can continue learning beyond the studio.

Fantastic Passages - A Journey Through Fantasy: Magical places, creatures and heroes abound in this series of programs using storytelling, visual art, games and dramatic play to share sacred folk tales and legends from around the world. Each studio features a chance to experience diverse cultures and stories from discrete times and people and culminates in every student taking home materials to share their own story.

Middle School Programs ...

Improvisational Performing Arts | Middle School | 6 Sessions | 60-75 Minutes

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Something Awesome Right Now: No Script? No Problem! This program equips students with fundamentals of improvisational theater and storytelling in a cooperative, team-based environment. Each week, Finer Artists will acquire new guidelines for performing improv drama to improve their imaginations, verbal communication and cooperative discussion skills. 

For more detailed information on individual sessions, download our Brochure.

For more information on Finer Arts congruency with State and National Arts and Humanities Standards click here.

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