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Who We Are ...

              Finer Arts is an educational enrichment provider that specializes in supplying Pre-K and School Age children with Humanities and traditional fine arts programs. Our curriculum fosters critical thinking, creativity and cooperative discussion through after school workshops, assemblies and other special events through interactive play and imaginative projects.


What We Do...

                When Finer Arts arrives, your campus becomes our studio – games, artistic projects, interactive storytelling and demonstrations. Our aim is to prepare students with a lifelong thirst for critical analysis, fine arts appreciation and creative, cooperative interaction through engaging learning that carefully implements vocational training, goal setting and artistic community development.


Our Educational Coordinator ...

Barrett Huddleston is a graduate educated college secondary and educational instructor. He began his broadcasting career as Roscoe the Penguin on "The Carpenter's Children." Since that time he has directed, performed and produced more than fifty total professional and academic productions. For several years, he served as a training and marketing manager for Mad Science of Central Oklahoma as "Professor Bungle Botch." Barrett frequently collaborates with the Edmond Historical Society's Radio Drama program.  He also writes for the performance group,"Skit Guys."

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