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All Tails Told Thank You Su 2021 (1).png

This Summer Finer Arts presented its signature assembly program to hundreds of  audience members across the state and beyond at over three dozen libraries, child development centers, churches and other community organizations! Kudos to all those that made this Summer Finer Arts' most successful and rewarding season to date!

"All Tails Told" has received our highest ratings among all our previous assembly programs with numerous patrons already booking for next Summer! We'd still love to hear about your experiences with our Summer Program Assembly via social media, Email or Contact! Until next time, keep wagging!


Summer Library Reading Program Reviews!

"That was the best program so far this Summer - we'll definitely call you again!" (Director, PLS)

"Our kids can't wait to see you every week! 
(Director, CDC)

"You made me a butterfly in the play - thank you"
(Malin, 7)

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